In July 2023 Doug was sworn in by the Eastern District of Oklahoma U.S. Marshall Kerry Pettingill to be a task force officer with the FBI's Eastern District Safe Trails Task Force.

Douglas Parker, M.A.

Doug has been a law enforcement officer for over 32 years, in both military and civilian law enforcement, to include the United States Air Force, The Norman Police Department, and the Oklahoma City Police Department, which he retired from in December 2022, just shy of 24 years of service with them.  

While with the Oklahoma City Police Department, he was assigned to the Crime Scene Unit as a Crime Scene Investigator in June 2001, then to the Crimes Against Children Unit in September 2005, and his final assignment was to the Homicide Unit in April 2020, where he remained until his retirement.  Doug also served as an Investigative Training Officer in the Investigations Bureau.  During the course of his career, he has worked with and assisted law enforcement agencies in Oklahoma, California, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, and Mississippi.


After retiring from the Oklahoma City Police Department, Doug founded Case First Forensics and Consulting, LLC, a training and consulting company, and is currently the Chief Investigator for the District 22, District Attorney’s Office, which includes Pontotoc County, Seminole County, and Hughes County, in the State of Oklahoma.  

There he is tasked with investigating, following up on, and consulting with the District Attorney and Assistant District Attorneys on Crimes Against Children, Sex Crimes and Violent Crimes to include homicides, suspicious deaths, and officer involved shootings.  In addition to casework, Doug manages the investigative aspects of the Criminal and Civil Divisions of the District Attorney's Office as well as the District 22 Drug and Violent Crime Task Force.  He is also tasked with the development and coordinating training for local law enforcement agencies with District 22.  

In June 2023, Doug was appointed to the Southeastern Oklahoma Child Death Review Board where the Board tries to answer specific questions regarding each child’s death. Some of the questions include whether abuse, neglect, exposure to hazards, or lack of supervision contributed to the death, as well as whether or not the Board feels the death was preventable.

In July 2023 Doug was sworn in by the Eastern District of Oklahoma U.S. Marshall Kerry Pettingill to be a task force officer with the FBI's Eastern District Safe Trails Task Force.  He has also received a cross-deputized with the Chickasaw Nation Lighthorse Police Department.


He obtained a Master of Arts degree in Criminal Justice Management and Administration in May of 2001 from the University of Central Oklahoma, a Bachelor of Science degree in August 1997 from Southern Nazarene University, and an Associates of Applied Science degree in May 1996 from the Oklahoma State University - OKC.  He received a diploma in Forensic Science 201 from the American Institute of Applied Science in February 2003.


In the State of Oklahoma, he has been awarded the Basic Law Enforcement certification, the Intermediate Law Enforcement Certification and the Advanced Law Enforcement Certification.  He received the Award of Commendation from the Oklahoma Association of Chiefs of Police in July 2022, the Award of Commendation from the Oklahoma City Police Department in May 2022, and the Downtown Exchange Club Officer of the Year in December 2018, all in regards to investigations he has conducted or participated in.


He is a current member of the International Association of Bloodstain Pattern Analysts - February 2023, the International Association of Homicide Investigators - Active Member (December 2021 - Present), and a past and present member of the Association for Crime Scene Reconstruction - Active Member (October 2002 / April 10, 2021 - Present).


He has over 1500 hours of advanced training in the fields of: Crime Scene Investigation / Bloodstain Pattern Analysis / Shooting Scene Reconstruction / Crime Scene Reconstruction / Evidence Processing / Crime Scene Photography / Fingerprint Pattern Recognition / Homicide Investigations / Child Sexual Abuse, Neglect and Physical Abuse / Child Death Investigation / Interviewing Sex Offenders / Missing and Exploited Children / Medical Evidence / Abusive Head Trauma / Understanding Sex Offenders / Cognitive Interviewing Techniques / Investigating Severe Neglect and Physical Injury of Children and Infants / Advance Forensic Interviewing Techniques / Exploring the Sexual Offender / Non-Stranger Sexual Assault Response & Investigation / Child Abuse Investigations / Why Investigating Child Sexual Abuse is so Important / Violent Crime and Homicide Investigation.


He has taught courses in Crime Scene Investigation, Bloodstain Pattern Analysis, and Child Abuse Investigation for several colleges, universities, the State of Oklahoma, the Oklahoma City Police Department, and the 22nd Judicial District District Attorney's Office.