Crime Scene Analysis / Reconstruction

Crime scene analysis is the analytical process of interpreting the specific features of a crime and related crime scenes. It involves an integrated assessment of the forensic evidence, forensic victimology, and crime scene characteristics.  The results of crime scene analysis (CSA) may be used to determine the limits of the available evidence and the need for additional investigative and forensic efforts, as in a threshold assessment (Brent E. Turvey, in Criminal Profiling (Fourth Edition), 2012)
The analyst’s opinion is based upon all of the available evidence and relies upon his/her education, training, and experience as well as the application of the scientific methods to analyze specific investigative questions.We provide professional case consultation on a myriad of subjects including:HomicidesSuicides Suspicious DeathsSelf Defense Claims Physical Child Abuse Sexual Child Abuse Child DeathsOfficer Involved ShootingsShooting Scene ReconstructionBloodstain Pattern AnalysisAssaults Involving Great Bodily Injury
Education / InstructionCase First understands no matter what size the agency is, resources can be limited and obtaining training can be difficult, therefore we have designed a series of one-day courses to help ensure your staff gets the training they need with minimal disruption to staffing levels or services provided.  Case First also contracts with certified instructors to provide additional specialty courses which are not typically offered by Case First.

The courses provided by Case First Forensics & Consulting, LLC are accredited or will be accredited through the Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training (C.L.E.E.T.) in the State of Oklahoma.

Several states recognize other states accredited courses. In these cases, simply providing the certificate of attendance for successful completion of the course to their states law enforcement training commission will suffice in receiving law enforcement training in their particular state.